New Hampshire Really is “Newt” Hampshire

Spot the Newt!

Spending time at the NewtHampshire headquarters is not only an exciting way to stand with Newt Gingrich on his journey to become the next President of the United States. It is also an amazing way to brush up on New Hampshire history and fun facts. Did you know that the state amphibian is the notophtalmus viridescens – more commonly known as the spotted newt? That’s right! And just as New Hampshire made history in 1985 by becoming the first state to designate an official amphibian (we really are First in the Nation), New Hampshire will again make history on January 10th when voters choose a different Newt – this time as the Republican nominee for the 2012 presidential election.

In Manchester, we have our very own spotted newt hiding in the office (pictured below) and if you find him, a prize awaits!

Come keep your kids (and the young at heart) occupied during the school break. While here (968 Elm Street), you can learn more about the campaign, events, and some of the ways to volunteer. Stop by, spot the newt, and spread the word!

– Carli

P.S. Stay tuned for a “Pets with Newt” website. Newt loves animals, has visited 95 U.S. zoos, and once went on a moose-watch tour of New Hampshire! Newt and Callista plan to have a pet dog in the White House.

Carli Dimino
Volunteer, NH Hispanic Inclusion Leader
Newt 2012