[freekeenenews] Independent Journalist Indicted – 21years for Highlighting Double-Standards of Manchester “Public Servants”


Ademo Freeman, blogger at FreeKeene.com and founder of CopBlock.org,
yesterday learned from a Union Leader article that he had been
indicted on three counts of felony wiretapping for conversations he
had with three Manchester, NH public officials in early October when
inquiring of their actions related to the Oct. 3rd incident at
Manchester's West High School when school liaison officer Darren
Murphy assaulted 17-yo student Frank Harrington.

The incident attracted a lot of media attention (the original video of
Frank being assaulted, captured by his friend and fellow student Mike
Proulx, has over 140,000 views) and at the time, Manchester PD Chief
David J. Mara hinted that they were looking into charging Ademo with
wiretapping, a threat we thought done to distract from the actions of
those involved.

-Ademo, along with seven others, had been arrested on June 4th in
Manchester outside the police department at a pro-police
accountability rally and just represented himself pro se in Manchester
District Court. http://CopBlock.org/Chalk
-In July Ademo successfully defended himself pro se in Greenfield, MA
against felony wiretapping charges when interacting with public
officials there. http://CopBlock.org/Greenfield
-In July the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the Glik decision
asserted the right to record public officials in the course of their
duties. http://www.CopBlock.org/tag/Glik/

Ademo's bio from FreeKeene.com/About/Bloggers:
Ademo was born and raised in Wisconsin. He moved to New Hampshire to
join other activists who advocate for a voluntary society. Ademo has
been apart of projects like Motorhome Diaries, which traveled to 41
states and published almost 200 videos while “searching for freedom in
America”, Cop Block.org, a police accountability site, and Liberty On
Tour, which focuses on several aspects of the liberty movement. Ademo
is excited to join Free Keene and when not doing activism, enjoys a
good game of poker, a beer, and socializing with friends.