Gingrich For President - It's 2am...who do you call?

Imagine this…it’s 2am.  You’re lying in bed, but you can’t sleep.  You’re tossing and turning.  Your mind’s racing because you can’t stop thinking about new ways you can help Newt win New Hampshire –admit it, it happens.


And suddenly…Aha!  You bolt upright…you’ve got the perfect idea!  Something so ingenious you just have to tell someone on the Team!  So how do you get a hold of us?


It’s easy.


Because much of this campaign’s success is built on the gracious contributions of our supporters and volunteers, we want to make sure you know how to reach us, anytime.  Below you’ll find a list of some of the members of the Newt 2012 NH Team, as well as our HQ address and campaign phone number.


So go ahead, email us.  We’re probably up working anyway.


Newt 2012 NH Headquarters

968 Elm Street

Manchester, NH 03101

(603) 854-1945


Andrew Hemingway – State Director


Mattheau LeDuc – Communications Director


Alex Talcott – Coalitions Director


Pam Smith – Volunteer Coordinator


Erin Lamontagne – Campaign Support Manager


Sarah Joseph – Director of Scheduling and Logistics


Jeff Chidester – Senior Advisor/Co-Chair Steering Committee


Jim Wieczorek – Senior Advisor/Co-Chair Steering Committee