NHDP - NH VOTING GUIDE: Republicans Say What? A Top Ten Guide to Voting in the State of NH

We've been hearing a lot of mistruths about voting during the last few months, and as the primary approaches, the New Hampshire Democratic Party wanted to take a moment to clarify what you need to know about voting in the Granite State.


10. Granite Staters take voting rights very seriously. In fact, a federal court case defending college students' right to vote began with a student at Dartmouth College.


9. The voting age in New Hampshire is 18, just like it is in Texas and has been in the rest of the United States since 1971.


8. Yes, Herman Cain, New Hampshire's undeclared voters - those voters not registered with either party -  can cast votes in the party primary of their choosing.


7.       Despite Republicans' legislative efforts and erroneous signs at the polls, you don't have to show photo ID before casting your vote in New Hampshire.


6.       New Hampshire doesn't have a caucus. We have the first in the nation primary.  This year it has been scheduled for January 10th, much to the chagrin of a former Massachusetts Governor who now has to avoid questions for another month.


5.       If you have any concerns or other questions about voting not answered in this guide, Bill Gardner is still the Secretary of State, and he's the guy to ask, despite Tea Party Champ Orly Taitz calling for his removal.


4.       President Obama is a U.S. citizen, and he will be on the Democratic Primary ballot on January 10th. We encourage voters to support him.


3.       Despite what Speaker Bill O'Brien might tell you, "voting as a liberal" is not a valid reason to turn someone away from the polls.


2.       Calling your friends and supporters on Election Day and reminding them to vote is encouraged. Jamming their phone lines is not, and may land you in prison.


1. Despite what Mitt Romney and Rep. Charlie Bass believe, corporations are not people, and to be clear, they can't vote.


For a more serious take on attacks on voting rights, visit the DNC's new website: www.protectingthevote.org.