- Commissioners to explain revenue projections discrepancy

In his December 4, 2011 column published on, NH State Senator Bob Odell writes...

"Senator Chuck Morse [and I] have called a joint meeting of our committees for this week to have the Commissioners of the Departments of Health and Human Services and Revenue Administration explain how projections of $97 million in revenue made in May are off by $40-50 million just a few months later."

"Without the revenue shortage from the Medicaid Enhancement Tax, the state would be about $5 million ahead of the budget plan through the end of November." "...the gap in MET income is a major hit to staying on track financially."

"Tom Fahey has been the State House chief reporter for [the Union Leader] during most of the time I have been in the legislature." "...and will be missed in the corridors and committee rooms of the State House as we make news in the months and years ahead. I wish him well in his new career."

Senator Odell's Dec. 4, 2011 column ( with attribution to

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