Matthew Hancock For NH CD1 US Rep - Announcement of Candidacy for United States House of Representatives

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I am announcing today my candidacy for the United States of House of Representatives in New Hampshire's First Congressional District.

At this moment we face many challenges, but those in Congress apparently lack the will to solve them. People are struggling to get by, but their voices aren't being heard. Real issues that will arise in the long-term have been given the precedence, while ignoring the short-term problems that exacerbate those very issues. The debate has shifted to concerns over our deficit and future debts. Meanwhile, the bond markets are betting on recession, and the cost of borrowing for the federal government has never been lower.

We now have the need for direct investment to put people back to work, and paying for it has never been cheaper. The only thing holding us back is the straw man that has been made out of the debt burden of the future generations of this country. As a 25 year old, I have a direct stake in the short and long-term consequences of Congress' inaction. It is my generation that will make sure the earned benefits that people count on – Medicare and Social Security – will be around for decades to come.

The Republican Party, including the member of that party whom I am running against, has time and time again proven our best interests are not their concern. From votes to effectively end Medicare, to blocking any job-creating programs while not providing alternatives, to bringing this nation's government to the brink of shutdown in order to preserve the interests of the best off among us, there are countless examples of their incompetence and malfeasance.

It is time for someone to hold this seat who will fight for the values of all residents of this state and country. It is for these reasons that I announce my candidacy for United States Congress.

Matthew Hancock
Portsmouth, NH

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