Huntsman for President - What They Are Saying... About Huntsman's Consistently Conservative Record And Solutions

The Washington Post’s George Will On Gov. Huntsman: “His Program Is The Most Conservative.” (George F. Will, Op-Ed, “Romney And Gingrich, From Bad To Worse,” The Washington Post, 12/2/11)

  • Will: “You Could Make A Case That He Deserves A Searching Second Look From Conservatives.” WILL: “I think if you look at Jon Huntsman's record, what he's laid out, his proposals for taxes and the economy, his opposition to No Child Left Behind, you could make a case that he deserves a searching second look from conservatives. Huntsman's position on foreign policy is the most conservative. That is, it is the most modest in assessing the need and ability of the United States to control distant events.” (“The Laura Ingraham Show,” 12/2/11)

RedState’s Erick Erickson: “[Gov. Huntsman’s] Record As A Governor Is More Conservative Than Newt Gingrich And Mitt Romney Combined.” “His record as a Governor is more conservative than Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney combined. He is more pro-life than either of them. He is more economically wedded to the free market than either of them. He has better foreign policy experience than either of them. Huntsman should be a conservative hero in this race.” (Erick Erickson, “The Horserace For December 1, 2011,” RedState, 12/1/11)

Financial Times: “In Fact, Mr Huntsman Has Impeccable Conservative Credentials.” “In fact, Mr Huntsman has impeccable conservative credentials. More so than his rivals, Mr. Huntsman has stood up for free trade and called for constructive engagement with China. He also wants to simplify the US tax code, reduce rates and eliminate double taxation by scrapping tax on dividends and capital gains. (Editorial, “Republican Realist,” Financial Times, 12/5/11)

American Enterprise Institute’s James Pethokoukis: “[T]he policies Huntsman advocates, if implemented, would usher in a conservative, free-market, small-government revolution that no Tea Party member could help but applaud. No Thatcherite or Reaganite, either.” (James Pethokoukis, “The Case For Jon Huntsman’s Conservatism,” American Enterprise Institute’s Enterprise Blog, 12/4/11)

The New York Times’ Ross Douthat: “Huntsman Has None Of Romney’s Health Care Baggage … He Has Arguably Been More Consistently Conservative Than Gingrich.” “Huntsman has none of Romney’s health care baggage, and unlike the former Massachusetts governor, he didn’t spend the last decade flip-flopping on gun rights, immigration and abortion. Meanwhile, on many of the highest-profile issues of the primary season (the individual mandate, Paul Ryan’s House budget, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac), he has arguably been more consistently conservative than Gingrich.” (Ross Douthat, “The Huntsman Handicap,” New York Times’ Campaign Stop Blog , 11/29/11)

Business Insider’s Michael Brendan Dougherty : “On Almost Any Issues, Huntsman Has Been More Consistently Conservative Than Either Romney Or Gingrich.” (Michael Brendan Dougherty, “Conservatives Discover An Inconvenient Truth About Jon Huntsman,” Business Insider, 12/5/11)