Huntsman for President - What They Are Saying... About Mitt Romney ’s Horrible Week

Fox News’ Brett Baier: “He said he thought it was overly aggressive…He was irritated by the interview after we were done…As we were walking in the walk and talk, and then after we finished he went to his holding room and then came back and said 'he didn’t like the interview and thought it was uncalled for...” (Fox News’ “O’Reilly Factor,” 11/30/11)

Time’s Mark Halperin: “Mitt’s Ten Days From Heck” (Mark Halperin, “Mitt’s Ten Days From Heck,” Time’s “The Page” Blog, 12/1/11)

ABC’s Jon Karl: “This was the week it started to look like Mitt Romney could actually lose.” (ABC’s “This Week,” 12/4/11)

ABC News Headline: “Romney Draws Fire for ‘Irritable’ Interview” (Amy Bingham, “Romney Draws Fire for ‘Irritable’ Interview,” ABC News, 11/30/11)

NBC News’ “First Read” Blog: “Last week was rough one for Mitt Romney.” (Chuck Todd et al, “First Thoughts: Crunch Time For Romney,” NBC News’ “First Read” Blog, 12/5/11)

  • “First Read” Blog: “If you want to understand why Mitt Romney is the favorite to win the GOP presidential race but is not the front-runner, just watch the interview. That’s why he hasn’t put this contest away…” (Chuck Todd et al, “First Thoughts: Romney Vs. Gingrich,” NBC News’ “First Read” Blog, 11/30/11)

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg: “There’s absolutely no excuse for Romney to be so flat-footed in his responses.” (Jonah Goldberg, “On the Baier-Romney Interview,” National Review, 11/30/11)

The Boston Globe: “[R]omney is battling the perception that he stumbled during what is seen by many as a de facto pre-primary contest for Republicans: appearances on Fox News Channel.” (Michael Kranish, “Gingrich’s Surge Gives Romney Camp Pause,” The Boston Globe, 12/2/11)

The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg: “Mr. Romney’s campaign has sought to carefully control his interactions with the news media this year as it has tried to keep a grip on front-runner status. Earlier last week, it faced days of criticism over Mr. Romney’s interview with Bret Baier of Fox News, during which he grew testy as Mr. Baier pressed him on policy shifts he had made over the years.” (Jim Rutenberg, “Behind the Scenes at a Forum for Republican Candidates,” New York Times, 12/4/11)

Politico: “Mitt Romney’s vulnerabilities as a candidate are well known, yet a seemingly new one surfaced last week: his unusual brittleness in the face of media questions.” (Dylan Byers, “Mitt Romney’s Media Blowback,” Politico, 12/4/11)

Los Angeles Times: “Is Mitt Romney a thin-skinned candidate who dislikes being challenged on his record? That’s the impression left by Bret Baier, the Fox News Channel anchor who interviewed Romney this week about Romney’s complaints about the exchange.” (James Oliphant, “Mitt Snit: Does Romney Dislike Being Pushed On His Past?” Los Angeles Times, 12/1/11)