Smith For Governor - Lynch Administration Passes Bulk of $35 Million in Lost Medicaid Funds to Next Governor

Smith says Lynch simply passing buck to next Adminitration

Concord, NH – As state Republicans have worked to close the $900 million budget deficit left by Governor Lynch and Democrats, the legislative leaders’ task got more complicated by the fact that the Lynch Administration failed to fight the federal government’s efforts to take back $35 million in Medicaid funds.  As reported in this week's NH Union Leader and Nashua Telegraph, the Lynch Administration agreed to a settlement with the federal government in which the state gave up its right to sue to recover the Medicaid funds and didn’t even receive a guarantee that the federal government wouldn’t audit other years, which could cost the state tens of millions of additional funds.

Commenting on the settlement was Republican gubernatorial candidate, Kevin Smith:

“Make no doubt, the Lynch Administration gave away the store to the federal government,” said Smith.  “The taxpayers are now left both holding the bag for the $35 million hole, with no right to appeal the decision, as well as potentially on the hook for huge new costs if the federal government decides to audit further years.”

Smith added, “This ‘settlement’ appears to be part of Lynch’s Lame Duck Strategy to push as many of his problems off to the next administration just get them off his desk.  As governor, I will put the best interests of the state and the taxpayers first, not political expediency just to get through the next election cycle.”