CHQ - Craig Shirley: Reagan Was Successful Because He Genuinely Liked People

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Craig Shirley:  Reagan Was Successful Because He Genuinely Liked People
Daily Caller - Reagan biography Rendezvous with Destiny author Craig Shirley, who has written an in-depth account of Ronald Reagan's presidential campaigns in 1976 and 1980, shares some insights on Reagan and what truly motivated Reagan's legacy as we move towards the 100th anniversary of his birth on February 6.

Sen. Rand Paul's Spending Deductions Are Raising the Stakes in Spending Debate
American Spectator - Sen. Rand Paul isn't just trimming the fat off the federal budget, he's proposing to slay the whole pig. Paul's offered cuts that go far beyond those put forth by Republican leaders, which hopefully will force a much needed discussion on the federal government's constitutional role in America.

Poll: GOP Should Listen to Tea Party
Politico - A recent survey revealed that over 70% of Americans think GOP leaders should heed Tea Party ideas. Even many of those who said they do not identify with Tea Partiers still said it was a good to listen to what they have to say about reducing the role of government.

George W. Bush Won't Campaign for GOP in 2012
NY Daily News - Good news for Republican candidates in 2012:  George W. Bush is staying out, period. Bush appears disgusted with the entire political process, and says he's enjoying the anonymity that goes with being out of office. 

John Gizzi Profiles Freshman Conservative Arizona Rep. David Schweikert
Human Events - Political guru John Gizzi profiles yet another promising conservative freshman in the House, Arizona Rep. David Schweikert.  Like most of the new conservative Republicans in Congress, Schweikert is driven to cut, and his business and accounting background will help him in the endeavor.

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