NH House Leaders Call on Executive Council to Block Obamacare Contract Wednesday

Following yesterday’s ruling by a federal judge that struck down President Obama’s health care reform law, House Speaker William O’Brien and House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt called upon the Executive Council to block a contract on tomorrow’s agenda that would have the state Department of Insurance begin the process to implement the federal law in New Hampshire.  The contract (agenda item #19 on the 2/1/2011 G&C agenda) would spend $610,675.04 on the development of an insurance exchange.


Speaker William O’Brien


“In light of the fact that two federal judges, representing 28 states, have now found Obamacare unconstitutional, it would be frivolous to spend taxpayer dollars on implementing a law that could very well be thrown out.  Given the extraordinarily difficult fiscal situations for both the state and federal government, we simply can’t continue to spend money we don’t have on a program that may not exist in several months.  For this reason, I would urge the Executive Council to reject this contract to implement Obamacare, and send a clear message to our taxpayers that we will be responsible fiscal managers.”


House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt


“Yesterday’s federal court decision makes clear that Obamacare is an unconstitutional federal overreach that restricts our freedoms by forcing individuals to purchase health care or face serious penalties.  While the federal government may be giving taxpayer funds to implement this scheme, there are always strings attached.  At a time when we are looking at historic budget deficits in Washington and Concord, we need to be more careful with taxpayers’ money than to move forward on this contract.”