The Genesis Code Asks Politico, FBI, South Carolina Attorney General to Investigate Terror Threats Against Sharron Angle

Genesis Code


Angle’s involvement in Christian film The Genesis Code sparks violent threat on

Columbia, S.C. -- Today, The Genesis Code asked Politico, the FBI, and the South Carolina Attorney General to investigate a threat of terrorism made against former U.S. Senate candidate Assemblywoman Sharron Angle and the AMC Theater in Columbia, S.C., on Politico’s website. This may be revealed to be a childish prank or a serious threat; regardless, the party in question should be investigated.

A commenter identifying themselves as “CODE PINK” posted the following threat in the comments section of a Politico article discussing Angle’s appearance at an upcoming South Carolina screening of The Genesis Code:

"We will meet her head on with a "peaceful" rally!! We'll face MECCA and pray to ALAH for Angle's destruction as well as all Christians and AMERICA's, we'll burn an American Flag, we may bring children suicide bombers for maximum effect, and we may burn the building dow. WE MUST DO EVERYTHING TO STOP THESE RADICAL CRAZY CHRISTIANS!!!!”

The name “CODE PINK” presumably is a reference to Code Pink, the radical anti-war group known for it’s loud criticism of American military activity and raucous protests outside of veterans’ hospitals and military recruitment centers.  

“We thank Politico for deleting the comment and for any help they can provide in tracing the IP address of the person or group responsible,” said Reverend Jerry Zandstra, one of the stars of the movie. “Whoever made the threat has put Angle and those involved in the making of this movie in their crosshairs.  Given the unrest in the world and the recent tragedy in Arizona, this threat should be taken seriously.”

The Genesis Code is an independent Christian film that hits on three controversial issues: the battle between science and faith to be the ultimate authority, the discrimination against Christians on college campuses, and the fight to keep human life sacred at every stage.  The South Carolina premiere featuring Sharron Angle is currently scheduled for Friday February 18 at the AMC Dutch Square at 14 421-80 Bush River Road, Columbia, S.C., 29210.

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