NRSC - Stop the Spending

On Monday President Barack Obama will introduce his 2012 budget. Just like his past budgets this one promises to be full of wasteful spending unlike anything America’s ever seen. And as you know, the simple reality is that we can’t afford more debt.

But you can count on Barack Obama to do his best to convince you we need all his spending.  So we thought it would be helpful to translate some of the President’s spending code-talk.

- Investments

- Translation:  More “stimulus.” 

(Translation of “stimulus”: The President’s failed $800 billion dollar government         spending package.)

- Neighborliness

- Translation:  Higher taxes to help pay for massive Government programs.

- Oversight

- Translation:  17,000 new IRS agents, thanks to Obamacare’s adding regulations on small business.

- “Win the Future”

- Translation:  A $100 billion dollar payroll tax increase on employers.  And this despite Democrats just having spent two years destroying jobs and battling the private sector. Does the Obama administration really think taxing employers for hiring workers will create more jobs?  (They apparently do.)

Please help us spread the word about Obama’s reckless budget proposal. Visit and send your Democratic Senator a message that it’s time to get serious about paying down our debt.

We are over $14 trillion dollars in debt and the Obama administration is proposing that we borrow 40 cents of every dollar that the government will spend this year. We simply can’t afford this spending. Please join us in calling on the President and Democratic Senators to get serious about cutting the debt.


Rob Jesmer

P.S. - I am asking for your help in rejecting this massive new spending spree. Please take just 30 seconds and send you Senator a message that America is ready to stop the spending!