Statement on Threats to the South Carolina Genesis Code Opening

Genesis Code



Authorities to continue investigation regarding threats to Sharron Angle's appearance in South Carolina on February 18th

Today, Rev. Jerry Zandstra released the following statement regarding threats directed at Sharron Angle and the upcoming Genesis Code opening in South Carolina:

"The Genesis Code is diligently working with authorities in response to threats made on regarding Sharron Angle's upcoming appearance at the South Carolina opening of The Genesis Code Movie on February 18th.  We have spoken to authorities in the South Carolina Attorney Generals Office and they have assured us that they are taking these threats very seriously.  As of today they have informed us that this investigation will be handled by Federal Bureau of Investigation moving forward.

Regardless of whether this is a childish prank or a serious threat, it must be taken seriously given recent events and I would like to personally thank the authorities involved in this investigation as well as for their continued assistance."

A brief background on this situation can be found at here.