- Bittersweet Valentine's Hand Delivered to Capitol Hill


I thought that this might be something you would be interested, Bankrupting America hand delivered unique Valentine’s Day treats to offices on Capitol Hill. Our “gift” is to remind lawmakers that while the debate about spending cuts is a good start, one old adage rings truer now than ever before: actions speak louder than words.

Among a few of the Members on tap to receive this special gift are: Speaker Boehner, House Minority Leader Pelosi, House Majority Leader Cantor, House Budget Committee Chairman Ryan, Minority Whip Hoyer, Majority Whip McCarthy, Minority Whip Lewis, Senate Minority Leader McConnell, Senate Majority Leader Reid, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sessions, and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Conrad, to name just a few.
We are holding both sides of Congress to do what they promised to do. Cut Spending! 
Not exactly love letters, but we hope it will warm the hearts of taxpayers everywhere.

Thanks for your consideration to post for your readers, Kate  

Bittersweet Valentines sent to Capitol Hill…