The Genesis Code Opens to Star-studded Premiere Events for Limited Nationwide Release

Genesis Code


Conservative and Christian Figures to Attend Premier Events Nationwide

The highly anticipated Christian film “The Genesis Code” will premiere this weekend in theatres in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Conservative figures will be attending events throughout the country.

  • Former Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle will attend the premiere in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Former Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck will attend the premiere in Denver.
  • President of the Ohio Faith and Freedom Coalition Ken Blackwell and former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin will attend premiere events in Cincinnati.
  • GOP National Committeeman Saul Anuzis, Michigan GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak, former Attorney General Mike Cox, and former Congressional Candidate Rocky Raczkowski will attend premiere events in Michigan.
  • Iowa Right to Life Chairman Bob Dopf, Republican National Committee Members Steve Scheffler and Kim Lehman will attend premiere events in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • RNC Secretary Demetra Demonte will attend a premiere event in Peoria, Illinois.

A host of other State Senators, Representatives, and other local elected officials and leaders of faith-based groups will attend premiere events.

“We had always hoped that those in the political and faith communities would see the value in the messages that we are offering in ‘The Genesis Code’” said executive in charge of production Reverend Jerry Zandstra. “The overwhelming response in each of these cities by political and faith leaders demonstrates the continued demand for relevant, high-quality films such as ‘The Genesis Code.’  We are honored to have such an outpouring of support.”  

“The Genesis Code” is an independent Christian film which explores the intersection of science and faith as well as other issues facing Christians today. The film stars Logan Bartholomew and Kelsey Sanders as college students whose chance meeting leads to a burgeoning relationship and a journey of spiritual discovery. The supporting cast includes Oscar-winners Louise Fletcher and Ernest Borgnine, former presidential candidate Fred Thompson, and Reverend Jerry Zandstra, who also served as the executive in charge of production.

“The Genesis Code” explores three major issues facing Christians today. One issue is the alleged conflict between religious and scientific explanations for the beginning of the universe. As the film shows, this conflict does not exist. The Biblical and scientific explanations for the beginning of life are totally consistent, but told from different perspectives. The film also explores the often ignored story of discrimination against Christians on college campuses. In the film, Kelsey Sanders portrays a talented paleontology student who is pressured to conceal her faith in order to advance in the academic world. Finally, the film deals with end-of-life issues, as Logan Bartholomew’s character fights to prolong the life of his comatose mother when his grandparents attempt to remove her from life support against his wishes and despite the possibility of recovery.

"The Genesis Code" opens in the following theatres on February 18th:

-AMC Livonia; Livonia, MI
-AMC Great Lakes; Auburn Hills, MI
-AMC Forum; Sterling Heights, MI
-AMC Alpine; Grand Rapids, MI
-Goodrich; Holland, MI
-Carmike Wynnsong; Des Moines, IA
Cinemark Century 20; West Des Moines, IA
-Peoria AMC; Peoria, IL
-Peoria Goodrich; Peoria, IL
-AMC Newport on the Levee; Newport, KY (Cincinatti, OH)
-AMC Highlands Ranch; Denver, CO 
Cinemark Century 16; Lakewood, CO
-AMC Dutch Square Columbia, SC

Visit "The Genesis Code" website for a special coupon to see the movie for $5.00 or to puchase tickets online and show time information.

 “The Genesis Code” was produced by American Epic Entertainment and will debut in select theaters throughout the country this weekend.