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Two years ago today President Obama gave us one of his infamous "teachable moments" when his massive $814 billion government stimulus boondoggle passed Congress.

The president promised his $814 billion spending spree would keep unemployment below 8 percent; it didn’t happen. He said it would save or create millions of jobs; but millions of jobs in the private sector were lost while the number of government bureaucrats increased.

The president used the same tired big government playbook of jacking up spending on the backs of current and future taxpayers to advance his liberal ideology. But his scheme failed, like most liberal ideas, and thanks to grassroots activists like you who worked tirelessly to educate our fellow citizens on the disastrous impact of the stimulus boondoggle the American public knows it. In fact, now President Obama and his friends on the Left don't even utter the word "stimulus"!

Actually, President Obama's stimulus spending spree demonstrated to millions of Americans that his rhetoric about changing the tone and substance in Washington was all talk and no action. At Americans for Prosperity, we launched a NoStimulus website petition in late January to fight his bill and over 500,000 folks signed the petition within days. The grassroots rebellion against bigger government was off and running in earnest.

Think how far we've come in the last two years! For all the challenges we face at least now the debate in Washington and in state capitols is over how much spending to cut and not how much more money the politicians get to spend.

By the way, newly-elected Congressman Sean Duffy from Wisconsin made one of his first efforts in Congress a bill that returns non-obligated stimulus funding to the taxpayers. Now his bill has been included in the continuing resolution the House is working on this week. It’s great to see our efforts to end government overspending become the core of actual legislation and not just something we all rally for.

Keep the faith. We're on the road to victory.

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Tim Phillips
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PS: For more information on key votes that occurred this week in the House on the legislation moving forward to cut spending and finish out funding of the continuing resolution CLICK HERE.

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