Bass Fights to Restore Funding for LIHEAP

WASHINGTON – During debate on the Continuing Resolution this week, Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) fought to include an amendment that would make available $50 million in funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) emergency contingency fund.  Unfortunately, Bass’ amendment failed by a vote of 104-322 this morning. 

Originally, $590 million was appropriated for the LIHEAP emergency contingency fund, but the Continuing Resolution cuts $390 million from the fund.  The remaining $200 million in the contingency fund has already been allocated, leaving the fund at zero for the rest of the winter.

Bass said:

“With a month left of winter and New Hampshire families still struggling with high energy costs, we can’t afford to zero out emergency contingency funding for a vital program like the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.  My amendment would have made available a modest amount in the emergency contingency fund so it would be available to help families that need it most.

“As we continue to debate how to fund our nation’s priorities, including programs like LIHEAP, we will have tough choices to make.  While I’m disappointed that my amendment did not pass, I will keep fighting for New Hampshire’s and our nation’s needs at a price we can afford.” 

LIHEAP provided vital assistance to over 47,000 New Hampshire households last year.

LIHEAP emergency contingency funds are made available at the discretion of the President to help meet additional home energy assistance needs arising from abnormal situations.