CEI Daily - Free Trade, High-Speed Rail, and the CEI Podcast


Free Trade


The Obama administration is stalling on the Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA).


Adjunct Scholar Fran Smith urges Obama to make passing FTAs a priority.


"The Obama administration should get its head out of the sand and put the three pending FTAs on the fast track. Colombia already gets preferential tariffs under the ATPDEA. With the U.S.-Colombia deal, Colombia would remove more than 80 percent of Colombian duties on U.S. imports, with the remaining tariffs being phased out over ten years."



High-Speed Rail


This week, Florida Governor Rick Scott came out strongly against high-speed rail.


Policy Analyst Marc Scribner commends Scott for this move.


"As the Reason Foundation’s report on the I-4 corridor found, high-speed rail in Florida was destined to become a massive infrastructure boondoggle. Author Wendell Cox noted that canceling the project would result in $280 million in state matching funds being freed up to spend on more sensible transportation infrastructure projects. Having an administration that has demonstrated itself to be hostile to an efficient, mobility-enhancing transportation system — preferring instead to subsidize high-speed trains for wealthy urbanites, wasteful transit, and 'livability' projects — means states have to be far more careful with how they allocate their own transportation funds."


CEI Podcast


In the latest CEI Podcast, Policy Analyst Brian McGraw talks about the ban on the incandescent light bulb, which will begin to go into effect in 20112.


Listen here.