AFP - Health care repeal vote in Senate within 24 hours

Remember when Harry Reid said there would be no Senate vote on repealing the Pelosi\Redi\Obama health care takeover?

Well, thanks to Republican Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell's work every senator will now have a recorded vote on repealing this boondoggle -- most likely this week.
Please take action right now CLICK HERE to make sure your two senators get the message to vote YES on repeal.  
I'm asking you to act even if you know your senator is a likely NO vote or even if your senator is a likely YES vote.  Every senator needs to know that grassroots Americans are still fired up on this issue.  Believe me, it matters when folks like you are burning up the email and phone lines on a crucial issue like this.  We've seen it before when we were helping defeat card check and cap-and-trade and the lame duck budget.  
Here are the details on how this vote is happening:  The Senate will begin debate on an FAA reauthorization bill. At this time any senator can walk to the floor and offer his or her amendment to the bill. Senator Jim DeMint deferred to Leader Mitch McConnell who has used Rule 14 to hold a vote on the House-passed ObamaCare repeal during this process.
We've seen the hypocrisy as the Obama White House has given 733 waiver (and counting) to allied unions and corporations so that they do not have to comply with some of the job destroying portions of this legislation.  We've seen the rising costs of insurance premiums for many Americans due to this law.  We know the costs -- literally trillions more in coming years as yet another new entitlement will push us even closer to bankruptcy.   
Again, even if your senators are already planning to vote for repeal, they need to hear from you that they are doing the right thing.  It can be lonely on Capitol Hill trying to fight off one big government takeover after another.  But with help and support from AFP's grassroots activists our small government conservatives will be rejuvenated to continue the fight.
Take action today and urge your senators to vote Yes to repeal ObamaCare.

Already this week we have heard from a federal judge in Florida who confirmed what common sense has told us all along: ObamaCare is unconstitutional.  Never before in our great country's history has the federal government attempted to force its citizens to buy a product from a private company against their will.  ObamaCare's individual mandate does just that.  The Supreme Court will have the final say, but the People's representatives don't need to wait for that ruling to repeal what we all know is a massive government overreach.  
Remember when then Speaker Pelosi mocked a reporter for daring to ask if this legislation had Constitutional issues? She actually said, "Are you serious?" in response.  
Thankfully, judges are now saying yes Nancy Pelosi the Constitution does matter.
But, here's the thing.  We cannot wait for final Supreme Court action in 2 or 3 years.  By then tens-of-billions will have been spent.  Thousands of new government bureaucrats hired.  Freedoms taken away.  Government mandates and red tape piled on.  
We've got to keep up the pressure right now.  
So, before your senator vote this week on REPEAL make sure they hear from us!  

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Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity
PS:  Yes, the odds are against us on this Senate vote.  Getting 60 votes is exceedingly difficult.  But, this vote will put every senator on record after it's now even more clear that this legislation is bad for our families and disastrous for our nation.  CLICK HERE NOW.
Get your friends and family involved now before this REPEAL vote by forwarding this email.