Rep. Frank Guinta votes for CR that cuts $60+ billion in spending

“This is a U-turn away from the failed practices of the past and points us toward responsibility.”

(WASHINGTON – February 19, 2011)    The rooster was preparing to greet the dawn early this morning when the House ended 90 hours of debate and passed H.R. 1, the Continuing Resolution authorizing government spending for the rest of this fiscal year.  U.S. Representative Frank Guinta voted for the resolution.  It is significant because it cuts more than $60 billion dollars in government spending.

This is a U-turn away from the failed practices of the past and points us toward responsibility,” Guinta said.  “In the last four years, federal spending rose by nearly 36% while Americans’ median family income fell by 4.2%.  At the same time, the national debt spiked by a staggering $5.4 trillion.  That just can’t go on.  Congress is acting to reduce spending and get Washington out of the way.  At long last, we are starting down the road toward getting the country’s fiscal house in order.”

Guinta introduced one of the more than 500 amendments offered to the resolution.  His would have denied funding for project labor agreements (or PLA’s).  President Obama signed an executive order nearly two years ago requiring that all government construction projects be given to companies that use union workers.  Guinta cited studies showing PLA’s add billions of dollars to the cost of construction projects.  The amendment failed in a tie vote of 210-210. 

The continuing resolution allows for federal spending from March 4th through the end of the current fiscal year on September 30th.   It now goes to the Senate for consideration.