National Empowerment Center - Creating Connections through Dialogue, June 10-12, Beverly, MA


invite you to a 2-day mini-conference:
Creating Connections Through Dialogue 
Friday, June 10 - Sunday, June 12, 2011
Before *USPRA’s annual conference which begins on
Monday, June 13th in Boston, MA.
Location: Endicott College (on the ocean)
Beverly, MA (1/2 hour north of Boston)
We live in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world. If you are a person in recovery, someone who provides services and/or support, a family member, or someone from the community, you are invited to join us at 2-day gathering that will provide an opportunity to explore various aspects of connectedness and the implications for recovery and wellbeing.
In a beautiful, informal setting by the ocean, engage with exciting speakers, join in interactive discussions and brainstorming sessions, and explore how connections play a vital role in individual wellbeing and the promotion of social change. A facilitated dialogue between providers and consumer/survivor leaders will help both groups to build skills and collaborate more effectively in the provision of services and in advocacy.
Featured speakers include:
·      Robert Whitaker – Curbing an Epidemic: How "Medication Optimization" Can Promote Robust Recovery
·      Dan Fisher – Building Community through Finding Our Passion and Engaging in Loving Dialogue
·      Will Hall – Coming Off Psychiatric Medications and Living with Mental Diversity
·      Shery Mead & Chris Hansen – Intentional Peer Support as Social Change and Dialogue in Difficult Situations: An Alternative Approach to Crisis
·      Debbie Whittle – Living into Wholeness: Connecting through the Authentic Self
·      Suzanne Beachy – Connectedness: A Mom’s Antidote for Grief, Guilt and Shame
·      Beckie Child and Amy Zulich – Using Our Gifts, Strengths, Talents and Capacities to Connect to Our Community
·      Will Hall – Coming Off Psychiatric Medications and Living with Mental Diversity
·      Lauren Spiro – A Journey from Individual to Group to Large Scale Social Change
·      Oryx Cohen – Growing the Hearing Voices Movement in the United States
Scholarships are available for USPRA Conference travel, registration, and lodging. Individuals who are awarded a USPRA scholarship may be able to attend the Creating Connections through Dialogue Pre-conference.
USPRA CONFERENCE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DUE FEBRUARY 28, 2011 - The purpose of USPRA scholarships is to provide the opportunity for persons who, due to financial restrictions, would be unable to participate in the USPRA conference without scholarship support. This scholarship offers the recipient a complimentary 4-day conference registration. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please