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Dear Friend,

We are so excited to share the details of SAM's February, a month that took us to places as diverse as Simi Valley, CA, Eureka, IL, and Washington, DC, as we conducted marketing research as an official partner of the Ronald Reagan Centennial.


Through this partnership, SAM's insightsLab is researching President Reagan's distinctly American legacy to understand why young Americans ages 18-34 look up to and relate to him. 


While the insightsLab is busy conducting research, the rest of the office is abuzz with preparations to select the nominees for this year's Sammies celebration. For the first time, a panel of judges will sift through the hundreds of nominations we received. It is already clear that this year's Sammies class will be one of our most inspirational yet.

As Sammies Speaker John Stossel says, the Sammies recognition is "an award that matters." 

I encourage you to reserve your seat now for an evening that reminds us all that our country's greatest treasure is its people, and that the freedom we hold dear is still safe within their hearts and minds.


All the Best,

Yvonne B. Ralsky

Executive Director





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Sammies Speaker John Stossel talks Sammies and "the award that matters."

Read why SAM Chairman Eric O'Keefe believes that Ronald Reagan's insights and principles have been abandoned by leaders of both parties.

Ronald Reagan Researchthe SAM's insightsLab explores the Reagan legacy


One hundred years ago this month, President Ronald Reagan was born into a family of humble means in the heart of the Midwest. Some would call this an inauspicious beginning for one of our country's most beloved leaders. At the Sam Adams Alliance, we recognize that it is just the sort of foundation from which he, and so many others, can best defend our country's principles and progress.


Reagan's unique style of leadership and hard-won accomplishments continue to set him apart from many who came before--and after--his time at the helm. It is a legacy that reveals much about the man and also the country that upholds his character, accomplishments, and uniquely American vision.


 Everyone from Newt Gingrich to Barack Obama is chiming in to claim part of President Reagan's legacy. Why are so many eager to attach themselves to his brand of leadership? What did he accomplish? Who truly comes closest to emulating the essence of what Reagan was? 


This is where SAM sees an opportunity. On the one hand our insightsLab, through a combination of focus groups, in-depth interviews, and survey data, will provide real insight into the essence of Reagan's legacy, rather than let transient and superficial leaders adopt his legacy as their own. At the same time through better understanding why Reagan was able to succeed and flourish, even today, our new leaders will be positioned to win. 


We are proud to be the exclusive research partner of the Reagan Centennial to explore the living, lasting, and beloved legacy of our 40th president. We are partnering with the Reagan Centennial to explore the why-and the how-the Reagan legacy endures, even in the minds of young people who were not alive to witness his presidency.


Moreover, we know we know that our marketing research will do more than shine light onto what made Reagan great. Even better, by adding to the understanding of the essence of President Reagan's legacy, we can highlight the exceptionalism of American history and the American people.

It is a time when Reagan's belief in American exceptionalism is the exception for many of our politicians and media figures. We look forward to sharing our insights with you as we take on this unique--and important--project.

engaging democracy podcast

On April 16th, 2010, Jamie Radtke of Richmond, Virginia, was presented with the Tea Party Award for her work in creating a coalition of tea party groups known as the Virginia Tea Party Patriots. 


Under her guidance, the coalition recruited bi-partisan support for the Health Care Freedom Act, which was then used to challenge the constitutionally of the health care law.


Last week, we got an update on what she's been up to since, a 20-minute convo centering around tea party activism, the health care law, and her candidacy for the U.S. Senate.




irreverent messenger
Mitch Daniels and the town of Hercules, CA, are among February's irreverent messenger winners.
Mitch Daniels


Over a weekend that was full of hackneyed talking points, monotonous speeches, and trite political commentary, Gov. Daniels's message rose above the humdrum din. Read more by clicking on the picture above. 

Help SAM give our award--and our "Irreverent" messenger bag--to only the best! Email your nominations to


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