CEI Daily - Wisconsin, Social Security, and Ethanol




Rachel Maddow and others claim that the Wisconsin state budget deficit has been "manufactured"by Governor Walker's administration.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader responds.


"Maddow blamed the state’s current deficit on business tax breaks supported by the governor, but those cuts are a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the state’s overall budget; and as the Journal-Sentinel noted, 'the cuts are not even in effect yet, so they cannot be part of the current problem.' Despite being debunked by newspapers such as the Journal-Sentinel, liberal bloggers and TV commentators continue to make this false claim that Wisconsin’s budget crisis was 'manufactured' to create an excuse to destroy public-employee unions.  (Never mind that the proposals by Wisconsin’s governor would still allow far more collective bargaining in Wisconsin than is permitted in states such as Virginia.)"



Social Security


Ted Nugent recently talked about the problems with Social Security in a Washington Times op-ed; but Nugent didn't provide real solutions.


Research Associate Jacqueline Otto gives her take on the future of Social Security.


"A proper solution would make changes to ensure the dismantling of the SSA in the future, while upholding our national character that is based on recognizing the autonomy and dignity of the individual. Defenders of the status quo wrap their ideological preference for massive entitlement programs in social-democratic, egalitarian moral terms, so opponents must also make a moral case — and not merely a fiscal case — if we are to be successful. A transition period is needed, where people can opt to privatize their savings and the shortfall can be met by diverting funds into the system. Ultimately, we should work to fix the problem, not walk away from it."




The House has voted to defund the EPA's program to implement the sale of the E-15 ethanol blend.


Policy Analyst Brian McGraw explains what's next.


"The Senate has signaled that they will not be accepting the House package as is, and there will almost certainly be last minute negotiations as to which spending cuts stay and which go. Hopefully, the Senate can agree that the expansion of ethanol isn’t in the nations best interest, and can be cut. In signaling the president’s continued quest to selectively support the science, Energy Secretary Steven Chu attended the event and had a number of nice words to say about ethanol, reassuring Iowans that Obama is doing everything he can to keep the green-river flowing. "