AUFC - Reps. Guinta, Bass Choose Party Loyalty Over NH Workers

NH Congressmen Help Kill Crucial Bridge Project Instead of Repealing Tax Cuts or Closing Tax Loopholes for Multi-millionaires

Washington, DC – Thanks to New Hampshire’s Reps. Guinta and Bass, repairs to the dangerous and overcrowded Memorial Bridge could be slowed or halted, altogether costing jobs in New Hampshire and Maine. In the dead of night last weekend, both the New Hampshire members of Congress chose to vote with their Republican colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives last weekend in favor of funding plan that takes away a $20 million grant to repair the bridge.

The bridge, which connects Kittery, Maine and Portsmouth, is an important driver of commerce and shopkeepers on either side of the bridge are worried that losing the grant could lead to shutting down the bridge, something they say is devastating for their businesses.

But instead of choosing to cut tax subsidies for oil and gas companies, a savings of $44 billion over 10 years, or making millionaire hedge fund managers pay the same tax rate as the people who clean their offices, which would net nearly $19 billion, Reps. Guinta and Bass and their Republican colleagues in Congress cancelled 76 transportation and economic development projects, including the bridge, slashing 25,000 new construction jobs in the process.

“This is a pretty stark example of Congressmen Bass and Guinta’s priorities,” said Tom McMahon, executive director of Americans United for Change. “Instead of promising to fix this and ‘find’ money elsewhere, they should have stood up for the people of New Hampshire. Reducing the deficit is job number one but cutting jobs, instead of oil and gas subsidies, and protecting millionaires’ paychecks, at the expense of people who are just trying to get to work, doesn’t say much for New Hampshire’s Members of Congress, but it may say a lot about them.”