CEI Weekly: Lies,Truths, and Videotape About Makeup

Friday, February 25, 2011



Feature: CEI Studios releases a short video on "The Truth About Makeup."

FEATURED VIDEO: Lies, Truths, and Videotape About Makeup


Ever since Annie Leonard released "The Story of Cosmetics," the blogosphere has been buzzing about "toxins" in personal care products. But the truth is that a lot of the "toxins" Leonard talks about are all around us---even in the natural foods we eat---and they're harmless. This week, CEI Studios released a short video responding to some of the more absurd recent allegations about cosmetics. Watch "The Truth About Makeup" here.




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February 24, 2011: On Wisconsin


CEI Vice President Iain Murray discusses the labor reforms that have led to a thousands-strong protest in Madison, Wisconsin. While the reforms themselves are relatively minor, both sides know that the stakes are high. We may be at a watershed moment in the relationship between public sector unions and taxpayers.