CHQ - Are Republicans About to Betray the November Shellacking?

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Are Republicans About to Betray the November Shellacking?
World Net Daily - Joseph Farah argues that the House GOP may be about to squander a historic opportunity, the chance to use its budgetary leverage to force concessions from Democrats on spending. Farah says the GOP can take matters into its own hands in cutting the federal budget by refusing to increase the debt ceiling and asks for help from conservatives in the effort.

Judge Roger Vinson Also Smacks Down Crony Capitalism
American Thinker - C. Edmund Wright writes that Judge Roger Vinson's ruling overturning Obamacare will also have far-reaching effects in the marketplace. Wright believes Vinson's reasoning will cut deeply into the government's ability to pick winners in the private sector (aka "crony capitalism"), therefore freeing us all from a serious form of governmental coercion.

Is Sen. DeMint's Plan to Repeal Obamacare Gaining Momentum?
FOX News - Sen. Jim DeMint spoke with Greta Van Susteren about the Senate GOP's maneuvering on Obamacare.  DeMint highlighted the multi-faceted efforts to bring down the unconstitutional law and acknowledged that Democrats will do everything possible to hold onto it.

Pro-Life Leaders Forecast Victories at the State Level
American Conservative - Pro-life leaders know there is little that can be done to overturn Roe v. Wade at the grassroots level, but that isn't stopping them from attacking abortion from every angle in the states. The 2010 elections greatly improved the pro-life position in state and local governments, opening up many new avenues to restrict abortion as much as possible.

'Repeal Amendment' Tops Virginia Tea Parties' Goals
Richmond Times Dispatch - Virginia Tea Parties are pushing for a resolution in the General Assembly that would urge Congress to call a constitutional convention to consider a constitutional amendment to permit 2/3rd of the states to repeal federal laws. Other measures would urge Congress not to expand rulemaking authority of the Federal Trade Commission and to respect state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.  Virginia, led by conservatives such as Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, has become a leader in the effort to restore to states' rights.

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CHQ Poll Results: Conservative Activists and Tea Partiers Want Congress to Enforce Latest Court Ruling Against Obamacare
Voters say Congress must take strong action to ensure that the White House does not ignore this important decision.

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