CHQ - Gov. Chris Christie is Leading a National Seminar on the Politics of Tough Love

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Gov. Chris Christie is Leading a National Seminar on the Politics of Tough Love
Washington Examiner - Mark Tapscott says New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is giving Americans the budgetary tough love they've been craving for a long time. Many conservatives are still unsure whether Christie's moves are driven by anything other than pragmatic fiscal reality, but there's no doubt that he puts on a good show for the YouTube audience.

Debt, Mayor's Power Have Tea Party Movement Brewing in Carmel, Indiana
Indianapolis Star - Contrary to the popular misconception perpetuated by the media, Tea Partiers aren't just concerned with federal matters in Congress, and the people of Carmel, Indiana amply demonstrate the point. Local Carmel Tea Partiers are keeping a close eye on what they see as their mayor's spending excesses and are seriously considering voting him out.

Rep. Danny Rehberg: Hello, I'm a Congressional Earmarkaholic
Washington Times - Montana Rep. Danny Rehberg comes clean on his earmark sickness and promises reform. Like any former addict, Rehberg candidly admits he was complicit in his own demise, voting for bad spending bills in order to save his pet projects.  Note: Rehberg is likely running for Senate in 2012, to challenge incumbent Democrat Jon Tester.

Conservative Ted Harvey Mounts Challenge for Colorado GOP State Chair
Colorado Statesman - The Tea Party grassroots is looking to reform the Republican Party from the inside, which has resulted in principled conservatives recently being elected to head state parties in New Hampshire, Washington, and Arizona. Following along those lines, Colorado appears to be another battleground for conservatives looking to lead a state party.

House Conservatives Push GOP Leaders to Cut the Federal Budget
Politico - The conservative House Republican Study Committee now boasts 170 members and is pushing GOP leaders hard on spending cuts. The RSC, led by Rep. Jim Jordan (of Ohio), sees its mission as working to ensure the most conservative legislation possible, and thus far they're doing a very good job of advancing the cause.

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