CHQ - Lee Edwards: Reagan Prepared for the Presidency in the Political Wilderness

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Lee Edwards:  Reagan Prepared for the Presidency in the Political Wilderness
Washington Examiner - As we near the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth (on February 6th), Reagan biographer Lee Edwards says Reagan looked at defeat in the 1976 Republican presidential race as an opportunity to prepare for his "rendezvous with destiny" in 1980. Rather than mope about his narrow loss to President Gerald Ford, Reagan saw it as a chance to educate himself further on issues and travel the world to establish his foreign policy credentials.

On Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday, we Celebrate his Great Victory Over the Progressives
American Spectator - Professor Paul Kengor relays how Reagan woke up to progressive aims, then defeated them. It is perhaps not widely known that Reagan considered himself a FDR-Democrat/liberal until the late 40's, and was a first-hand witness to the slow creep of socialism at the time.  Reagan recognized the ideological shift and then led a life-long fight against it.

The Pledge to Nowhere Comes Back to Bite the GOP on the Bottom - Erick Erickson rips Republicans for their failure to keep a 2010 promise to cut $100 billion from this year's federal budget. Erickson notes that it's not a good sign for long-term reform when GOP leaders can't even reach their stated goal and wonders whether they've got the guts to do the real hard work of balancing the entire budget down the road.

Massachusetts Republican Thinks Some in GOP Are Compromising Principles
South Coast Today - Massachusetts conservative Linda Rapoza provides a lesson for other Republicans in her state, arguing that the grassroots will not be interested in working or voting for what they see as a liberal-lite attempt to get along with progressives. Rapoza concludes, "The time to take a meaningful stand for our constitutional republic is now."

Three Things to Think About When Running For Office
Majority in Mississippi - Tea Partiers' activism and newfound interest in politics has led many of them to consider running for office, and they'll need help to get them on the right track. Political consultant Howie Morgan has been involved in dozens of political campaigns and suggests that office-seekers get good advice from the beginning and listen to the voters.

Five Reasons Why Conservatives Can do Better Than Sen. Dick Lugar
Pajamas Media - Conservatives in Indiana have already declared that they will challenge Republican Sen. Dick Lugar in the 2012 primary, and Adam Graham presents his list of five good reasons why Lugar should be voted out.

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