Heritage: The Debt Limit, Egypt, Federalism and Reagan's 100th from Heritage


As our country faces another record deficit in 2011, we are fast approaching the limit on our ability to borrow money to fund the government. Some will argue we have to raise the debt limit substantially to make sure the United States does not default on its obligations, or to ensure that Social Security checks, welfare payments and paychecks for our troops do not go unpaid. However, many conservatives view this as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand on spending levels and achieve real reforms in how Washington budgets your tax dollars.

Heritage analyst J.D. Foster provides an explanation of what the debt limit is, when it will be reached, whether we would actually default, and what our options are moving forward. Read his report here.

Also, for a great new product from Heritage on what the national debt means to future generations, check out this link for ‘Slay the Beast’.


The uprising in Egypt is in the headlines. For the latest from Heritage on the prospects for freedom and what can we learn from it, check out these links:

Bringing Freedom and Stability to Egypt

Top Five Lessons from the Fight for Freedom in Egypt

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ronald Regan’s birth, Heritage historian Lee Edwards writes on what we can learn from his character in The Classical Virtues of Ronald Reagan. And, Heritage produced this tribute video to celebrate his legacy.

As people focus more on a return to the Constitution by our government, the topic often turns to the 10th Amendment and the concept of federalism. We looked into this important Constitutional concept in the latest edition of our quarterly magazine, The Insider. Check it out here for an in depth look at what happened to federalism as well as articles on education, health care and government spending.

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