The Patriots Fund Genesis Code - New Hampshire Red-Carpet Premiere a Great Success!

The Genesis Code is becoming a grassroots phenomenon! Finally, there is a film that communicates our values and connects with what so many of us believe in. There is a great video below of some of the people coming out of recent screening. You should definitely watch it, I think it says it all!

Scott Greenlee
President, The Patriots Fund

Genesis Code Movie
The Genesis Code Releases New Video Showcasing Reaction to Early Previews
Audiences in Iowa & New Hampshire Moved to Tears, Encourage Others to Attend Screenings

The Genesis Code released today a new video that documents the reactions of audiences attending advanced screenings of the movie. Testimonials from viewers in sold-out theaters in Iowa and New Hampshire urge theatergoers to check out The Genesis Code, calling the film “excellent,” “very worthwhile,” and “absolutely dynamic.”

The video includes endorsements from a number of the VIPs who attended the early previews, including former U.S. Senate candidate Assemblywoman Sharron Angle and Iowa’s National Republican Committee Members: Kim Lehman, President of Iowa Right to Life and Board Member of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute, and Steve Scheffler of the Iowa Christian Alliance.

“It was truly inspiring to see the audience’s reaction of the movie,” said Reverend Jerry Zandstra, one of the stars of the movie. “Based on the way the crowds embraced The Genesis Code at its previews, we are eagerly anticipating the national reaction to the film and the ideas it offers when we release the movie nation-wide.”

Watch the new video here

New Hampshire Red-Carpet Premiere a Great Success!

The Genesis Code premiered last week in Hooksett, New Hampshire, to a packed house of Granite State politicos and local residents. We were astounded by the flood of requests we received for tickets, continuing the trend established with our sold-out Iowa premiere.

One highlight of the evening was our featured speaker, Ovide Lamontagne. A local Tea Party favorite, Lamontagne was edged out by now-Sen. Kelly Ayotte for the Republican nomination to the U.S. Senate. Recent polls in New Hampshire show Lamontagne in a commanding lead for the Republican nomination to be governor of New Hampshire.

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Letter to the Editor: “For the other side of the story on euthanasia, check out The Genesis Code.”

After attending The Genesis Code’s Iowa premiere, Republican National Committeewoman Kim Lehman, also of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute, was moved to write a Letter to the Editor in the Des Moines Register. Reflecting on Blake’s battle in the movie to save his comatose mother from being euthanized by his grandparents, Lehman writes:

All of the arguments for euthanasia deny the sacredness of life, and a conditional understanding of the value of life leads to the execution of the weak. The unborn child is killed to prevent what a parent feels would be a tragic life, and the aged parent is killed to prevent what would be a tragic death. Both deaths are travesties which must be combated with a vigorous defense of the sacredness of human life.

Protest is one way to defend human dignity, but fights can also be waged at the box office. For the other side of the story on euthanasia, check out "The Genesis Code."


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Scientific Notation "It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design."

-- Antony Flew

After a lifetime of being one of the most famous atheists in the world, philosopher Antony Flew changed his mind about the existence of God at the age of 81. Why? His studies within the field of science convinced him that the intricacies of life demanded a Creator. Looking more closely at the natural world informed his own religious beliefs, much like the characters in The Genesis Code.

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When paleontology student Kerry Wells is told by an academic advisor that she'll need to choose between her faith and her career in academia, she begins a search for truth that will touch the hearts and minds of everyone around her. Find out how science confirms the Biblical account of Creation in The Genesis Code.