CHQ - Warning to Washington from the States: Follow the Constitution

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Warning to Washington from the States: Follow the Constitution
WorldNetDaily - States are now a reinvigorated force in confronting the out-of-control growth of the federal government, and The Tenth Amendment Center's Michael Boldin has been a leading force in this movement.
Sen. Richard Lugar Draws a Primary Challenger for 2012
Indianapolis Star - Tea Partiers have let it be known that six-term Indiana GOP Sen. Richard Lugar would be a high-priority primary target in 2012, and now he's got his first official challenger in State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Mourdock said he respects Lugar's service to his state and the country, but it's time for a change in the Senate.
Rhode Island State Rep. Doreen Costa is a Conservative Newcomer
Providence Journal - As America's Tea Parties start building a "bench" of conservative leaders for the future, here's a look at Rhode Island State Rep. Doreen Costa. Costa's only been in office a short time, but she's already made an impression by introducing bills to cut taxes and also vowing to cut deeply into her state's over-spending.
Florida Gov. Scott to Introduce Budget Proposal at Tea Party Rally
Orlando Sentinel - Florida Gov. Rick Scott fashioned himself as an outsider when he ran for office, and now he's continuing the trend in bypassing "normal" channels in introducing his state budget proposals. Scott will speak directly to the people in making his case, and the budget battles to come will no doubt further reveal his willingness to thwart the political establishment.
Ronald Reagan and NC Sen. Jesse Helms: An Odd GOP Couple
Charlotte Observer - As Americans commemorate Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday this year (his birthday was yesterday), it's important to remember that Reagan also had his critics on the Right. North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms was careful not to criticize Reagan directly, but let it be known that when Reagan stepped out of line with his base, that there were people ready to tell him. 
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CHQ Poll Results: Jim DeMint Best Embodies the Ideals of Reagan
30% selected DeMint as the Republican who best embodies the ideals of Ronald Reagan.  Sarah Palin came in second with 20%, while Mike Pence came in third with 11%.
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