Granite State Poll Indicates that Republican Leadership is Headed in the Right Direction

With the State of New Hampshire facing a nearly $1 billion deficit there was some good news delivered today in Concord.  A poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center indicates that  65 percent of New Hampshire citizens think that the state is headed in the right direction.  The biggest issue among those polled is the economy and jobs, listed by 43 percent as their No. 1 concern.   Another 18 percent said they were most worried about the state budget, followed by education funding, high taxes and education quality.

House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (Salem) says the WMUR/UNH poll backs what Republicans have been saying all along--that people are most concerned about the economy, jobs, and taxes.  "What is most encouraging was the majority of those polled see that spending cuts are the best way to balance the budget, rather than new taxes.  Republicans were entrusted by the voters of this state to return fiscal sanity to state government.  We have been focused  on the budget and cutting spending since the final vote was cast last November and these latest poll numbers  results support our efforts.   We will continue to work in the best  interests of our citizens.  They are forced to live within a  budget, and state government should be no different."

When asked what the most important problem that the state legislature should address, 25% said the state budget, followed by dealing with jobs and the state economy (23%), education funding (7%), taxes (6%), and the quality of education , solving the education funding crisis, and creating more jobs for the people of our state. 

"These results fall right in line with the Republican Agenda that  we presented last week, which includes,  at the top of the list,  balancing the state budget," added Rep. Bettencourt.  "But we are also focused on fixing the state retirement system, solving the education funding crisis, and creating more jobs for the people of our state."