AUFC - New Ad Hits Rep. Charlie Bass For Voting to Put Insurance Companies Back in Charge

Listen Here: “Equal Protection”

Washington, DC -  In the wake of Congressman Charlie Bass’ vote last month on the backwards-looking, job-hurting, deficit-increasing bill to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, progressive issue advocacy group Americans United for Change and progressive blog Daily Kos are teaming up to hit the airwaves in New Hampshire with a new radio ad calling out Bass for voting to let the insurance industry off the hook and to take away the welcome new consumer health protections already making a difference in peoples’ lives between having access to quality, affordable health care and not. If the health care law was repeal, 910,000 residents of New Hampshire would suddenly find themselves again facing lifetime limits while 64,000 New Hampshire residents would be at risk of losing their insurance the minute they get sick or have an accident.

See the script below for “Equal Protection” which will begin airing today on WTPL FM in Bow, WEEI in Keene, WNTK in New London and WTSL FM and WUVR FM 98.9/AM 1490 in Lebanon, challenging Charlie Bass on his efforts to prevent the health protections he enjoys as Members of Congress from extending to all American families. Listen to it here:

In addition to this ad decrying Rep. Bass’ vote to allow insurance companies to go back to maximizing profits by dropping people when they get sick and need coverage the most, Daily Kos will start airing another radio ad in Wisconsin condemning Rep. Paul Ryan’s vote as well. 

Tom McMahon, Executive Director, Americans United for Change: “Talk about mixed up priorities. Instead of focusing on creating jobs, Congressman Bass and his Republican colleagues are doggedly focused on repealing the new health law, which would actually hamper job growth by up to 400,000 a year.  Strengthening the economy should be Congressman Bass’s #1 priority; instead he’s working to make it legal again for insurance companies to drop someone when they get diagnosed with cancer, to impose a lifetime coverage limit on someone with diabetes, or to deny coverage altogether to a kid who happened to be born with a disability. Given all the time and energy Congressman Bass has devoted to taking away these new consumer health protections from New Hampshire families, you would think he’d have said ‘no thanks’ to his government sponsored health benefits.  Not a chance.”

Chris Bowers, Daily Kos: "Voting to slash the health care benefits of their constituents in the name of "saving money," while simultaneously accepting new government-subsidized health care benefits for themselves, is a galling example of heartless elitism from Representatives Paul Ryan and Charlie Bass. They ask working families to make sacrifices, but make none for themselves. We're going to make sure their constituents know what's happening, so that Bass and Ryan can be held accountable for their cruelty."

As part of this larger effort, the Blue America PAC has radio ads in Rep. Sandy Adams’ (FL-24) district and Rep. Leonard Lance’s (NJ-7)

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Equal Protection - Script

Equal protection.  It’s the American way.

But when it comes to HEALTH CARE protections, Congressman Charlie Bass thinks he deserves better than you.

Congressman Bass gets affordable health care, with protections against insurance companies cutting him and his family off.  No lifetime limits.  No annual caps.  No preexisting conditions.

But last month Bass voted to deny you and your family these same protections.

That’s not equal.  That’s not fair.  

Even worse, Congressman Bass voted to:

– raise health insurance premiums

– take away prescription drug benefits for seniors

– let insurance companies charge whatever they want and deny insurance for sick kids

That will make it tougher for you to get affordable health care.

But don't worry, Congressman Bass is all set – since his vote didn't apply to the health plan he gets as a member of Congress.

Call Congressman Charlie Bass at 202-225-3121 and tell him: 

Health care protections that are good enough for Congress should be good enough for ALL of us.

Paid for by Daily Kos and Americans United for Change."