CHQ - The “Meese Effect” Ripples Throughout American Society and Jurisprudence

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The "Meese Effect" Ripples Throughout American Society and Jurisprudence
American Spectator - Jeffrey Lord argues that former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese's influence extends long after the Reagan administration ended.  Meese's (and Reagan's) insistence on appointing originalist, constitutionally minded judges is paying dividends even today in the effort to limit government's power.
Dick Morris Disses (But Misses) Virginia Tea Party Candidate for Senate, Jamie Radtke
American Thinker (blog) - Mark Fitzgibbons takes issue with Dick Morris's recent comment that tacitly compares Virginia candidate for Senate Jamie Radtke to Delaware's Christine O'Donnell. Fitzgibbons argues Radtke would be just the type of courageous limited government advocate that is so desperately needed in Washington.
Colorado State GOP Chairman Drops Re-election Bid, Saying He's "Tired of the Nuts"
Denver Post  - Dick Wadhams, who ran Senator George Allen's unsuccessful 2006 re-election campaign in Virginia and later was elected Colorado GOP State Chairman, dropped his bid for re-election against a conservative challenger. Wadhams, a close associate of Karl Rove, said he had the votes to prevail but wondered, "What happens after I win?"  He blasted those on the right who didn't understand that the GOP needed moderate votes to win statewide races.
Tea Party High Definition (HD) Producer Advancing the Cause from the Home Office
San Diego Union Tribune - Tony Loiacono is a California Tea Party supporter who's finding new ways to getting out the message, working right at home in the process. Loiacono knows first-hand the ill effects of too much government interference on business, and his video broadcasts (on Tea Party HD) are helping to spread the word that freedom is always the better alternative.
Palatine, Illinois Tea Party Shifts Focus to Local Politics
Chicago Daily Herald - Tea Parties across the country are focusing on local examples of big government excess. In the case of the Palatine Tea Party, they're turning their focus on ways to make local government more accountable, including demanding greater transparency and ensuring that good candidates run for local offices.
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CHQ Poll Results: Grassroots Divided Over GOP's Commitment to Reagan Principles
35% believe the leadership is headed in the right direction, while 34% say, "Republicans squandered Reagan's legacy and cannot bring it back." 31% are undecided.
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