Fred Karger For President - Fred Files FEC Complaint Against Faith and Freedom Coalition in Iowa, Launches Website

Fred Goes Up Against Steve Scheffler in Des Moines
DES MOINES -- Friday’s news conference at the Embassy Suites Hotel made big news around the country.  It was covered by Associated Press, WHO TV (Channel 13 NBC), KCCI TV (Channel 8 CBS), KGAN TV (Channel 2 Cedar Rapids CBS), The Source and Daily Iowan.  The story was on line in my hometown Chicago Tribune within minutes of the news conference ending:  CLICK HERE

Press Conference in Des Moines



Federal Election Commission Complaint Filed Friday

Steve Scheffler threatened me in a hateful email last May.  He told me to stay out of Iowa.  

Two months ago, he announced that he was sponsoring a forum in Waukee on March 7, 2011 for potential presidential candidates.  I was not invited.  

By intentionally excluding me, it sure appears that Mr. Scheffler and his Faith and Freedom Coalition are violating federal election laws.  

Read for yourself.  You will see how poorly he complied with the federal law.  It appears we caught Mr. Scheffler red-handed.  Link to our complaint,  CLICK HERE.  

He should have consulted his lawyers first.  He definitely used subjective, not objective reasoning to invite everyone.  He even told the Wall Street Journal on December 29, 2010 that any potential candidate for president who has shown the “slightest interest” would be invited.  Then, two weeks later he invites close to 20 people, some of whom have never been to Iowa.  

His criteria are ambiguous.  He claims he uses viability as a measure which is purely subjective without some quantitative measure.  Since no one has engaged in fundraising for a Presidential race, he can’t be using that.  We know that he isn’t using elective history, because not everyone invited has one.  So, what were those “objective” criteria and how is he applying them?  Mr. Scheffler, can you show that they are being uniformly applied?  His allegedly objective criteria appear nothing more than subjective.  Just calling subjective criteria objective isn’t sufficient to make them objective.  The FEC demands genuine objectivity. 

Here’s the definition of objective: not influenced by personal feelings, interpretations, or prejudice; based on facts; unbiased: an objective opinion.

You Can Help “Let Fred In”

We just launched our brand new website Friday,  to fight back against Steve Scheffler and the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition.


Here is my statement from the news conference:

I was purposely left out of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s March 7th Forum by Steve Scheffler because I am gay.  

Mr. Scheffler told the Wall Street Journal on December 29, 2010 that all prospective Republican candidates who have shown “the slightest interest” in running for President would be invited to his Forum.  

“You don't care about transparency--you and the radical homosexual community want to harass supporters of REAL marriage. I am the Republican National Committeeman for Iowa. As a private citizen and knowing literally thousands of caucus goers, I will work overtime to help ensure that your political aspirations are aborted right here in Iowa. Have you studied our past caucuses--you have NO chance here in Iowa!”
Steve Scheffler

I asked Mr. Scheffler to meet with me back in May and again over the summer and then again last month.  I just wanted to sit down and talk.  I never heard back.  The state director of my Exploratory Committee met with his lobbyist two weeks ago.  The answer was still “no.”  I even met with Mr. Scheffler’s boss, Ralph Reed in Washington, DC – again nothing.

I met with Ralph Reed, Steve Scheffler’s boss, the head of the national Christian Coalition.  I asked Mr. Reed to talk to Mr. Scheffler and ask him to allow me in their March 7th Forum!

Today I am fighting back.

We are taking 4 significant actions.  We are going viral with a new website, going grassroots, taking legal action by filing a formal complaint with the Federal Election Commission and appealing for help to the other over 15 potential Presidential candidates whom Mr. Scheffler did invite to his March 7th Forum.

Our new website launches today, complete with a petition for Iowans and all others to sign asking Mr. Scheffler to let me participate in his Forum.    

Today I filed a very thorough 83 page complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, its parent organization The Iowa Christian Alliance and Mr. Scheffler for possible violations of Federal Election laws.  Because the Forum is only 10 days away, I have asked the FEC to expedite its determination of investigation.

Mr. Scheffler is a bully and a bigot.  

He has had complaints filed against him before.  We believe that we are on solid legal ground because Mr. Scheffler has selected participants based “not on pre-established objective criteria, but on subjective claims.”  In other words, he doesn’t like me or my beliefs, so Fred Karger is not invited.  

There is no specific political criteria used like other sponsors of debates and forums use.  This is exactly what he did to Congressman Ron Paul four years ago, and this year he invited him.

By excluding one possible candidate, he is in fact making an “in-kind” contribution to all those who are participating.  Both of Mr. Scheffler’s organizations are 501(c)4 corporations, which are expressly prohibited from supporting potential candidates for federal office.  

Yesterday we sent a Memorandum to all 15 other possible candidates asking them to weigh in and ask Mr. Scheffler that I be allowed to speak.  We are following up with them by phone and email as well.

I will not be bullied or intimidated by Steve Scheffler.  I will fight for what is right.

NOM Loses Big Time Again in Maine


Anti-Gay Marriage Group NOM Loses Another Legal Round In Maine

By On Top Magazine Staff 
Published: February 21, 2011

For link to story, Click Here

The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has lost another legal round in Maine.

The group, which has led efforts to repeal gay marriage laws in California and Maine, challenged Maine's campaign reporting law.

NOM claimed that the state's law, which requires groups that raise or spend more than $5,000 to influence elections to register with the state and disclose donors who make contributions in excess of $100, was overly burdensome and unconstitutional.

U.S. District Court Judge D. Brock Hornby disagreed.

“I conclude finally that this Maine law is constitutional,” Hornby wrote in his 22-page ruling released on Friday, the Kennebec Journal reported.

In 2009, NOM spent more than $1.9 million to repeal the state's gay marriage law.

Previously, Hornby, who was appointed to the federal bench in 1990 by President George W. Bush, ruled that NOM could not conceal its donor list.

Fred Karger's Californians Against Hate had asked the Maine Commission on Government Ethics and Election Practices to investigate the group. Karger, who is now considering a bid to run for president in 2012 as a Republican, claimed that NOM was not following the law's reporting requirements. He's previously called the group a front group for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons).

“They [the Mormon Church] have created front groups that can do their bidding in banning same-sex marriage throughout the United States. The Mormon Church gave $1.2 million to ban gay marriage in Alaska and Hawaii, and got caught. Ever since they work through front groups to try and hide their direct involvement,” he said.

NOM has yet to announce whether it will appeal the ruling.

Fred took this picture of Maggie Gallagher testifying at the State House in New Hampshire


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