Jennifer Horn - Who Can Beat Barack Obama?

from the desk of

Jennifer Horn


February 28, 2011


Dear Friends,


Everywhere I go - whether it is a political breakfast, a school event or to the grocery store - people are asking me the same question:  "Who can beat Barack Obama?"


We here in First In The Nation New Hampshire bear a heavy responsibility as we go through the process of trying to answer that question. 


I have already begun looking closely at our candidates - those who have been to NH and those who are still just talking about "maybe" - and I know you have as well.  I am very interested in your thoughts and feedback as we go through this process together.


Today I am sharing a few important links with you.


The first is a speech given this weekend by Governor Tim Pawlenty in Arizona.  To be honest with you, I was blown away when I first watched this.  He has a fire in his belly that many have not yet displayed.   


Tim Pawlenty: "Government is too damn big!"  


This second link brings you to a POLITICO story about how Sen. Scott Brown feels about Gov. Romney as President...he has all good things to say about our friend to the south. 


Scott Brown on Mitt Romney  


And this third story comes from one of my favorite magazines, The Weekly Standard.  Jeffrey H. Anderson explores the question: "Who can unite Republicans in 2012?"


Who can unite Republicans in 2012? 


The one thing that we can all agree on is that Barack Obama must be a one term President.  I look forward to working together to preserve our great nation and the founding principles of freedom and unlimited opportunity upon which it was built.


Best wishes,