US Rep. Frank Guinta's statement to President and Congress to act on rising fuel costs

Rep. Guinta to President and Congress:

Work together to give Americans relief at the gas pump

“We must work together for an ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s Energy future and move away from foreign oil”

(Washington- March 9, 2011) With gas prices on the rise in New Hampshire and continued uncertainty in the Middle East, Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-01) took to the Floor of the House last night to call on the President and Congress to come up with an “all of the above” energy policy.

With gas prices at $3.45 a gallon minimum in New Hampshire, Rep. Guinta also signed on as a cosponsor to “A Roadmap for America’s Energy Future” bill introduced by Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA).  The legislation will reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil by expanding domestic energy production, including nuclear power, and deploying renewable electricity in a market-based and budget neutral way.

This legislation is endorsed by Americans for Prosperity, Americans for Tax Reform and Citizens Against Government Waste.

Statement: “I went to the floor of the House because American families and job-creators need relief at the gas pump.  Many Congresses have failed its obligation and responsibility to have an approach to solving the energy crisis and challenges we face because of our reliance on foreign oil.  We must work together for an ‘all of the above’ approach to America’s Energy future and move away from foreign oil.  The time to act is now.

“The Roadmap for America’s Energy Future legislation is a great start.  We have 85 billion barrels of oil in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) and 17 billion in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).  We also have more than two trillion barrels in shale deposits. We must get government out of the way and tap these resources.

“The Roadmap is a deficit neutral bill, puts three million Americans to work and give hope to Granite Staters and Americans for a true reduction in gas prices and dependency on foreign oil. This is something critical for families, job creators, our infrastructure and our economy.