National Review Online: Real Health-Care Reform

This morning, National Review Online ran an editorial by Health Care Compact Alliance's Chairman and Vice Chairman on the need for citizen control of health care. The column by Leo Linbeck III and Eric O'Keefe argues that centralized control of an industry that affects all 309 million Americans, has revenues of over $2.3 trillion annually, and employs more than 14 million people is not possible. Given the tremendous diversity of our population, any one-size-fits-all approach is destined to fail and that is why a growing number of states are uniting around the Health Care Compact, which would give states both the primary responsibility for health-care regulation and full control over federal taxes spent on health care within their borders. 

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About the Health Care Compact Alliance
The Health Care Compact Allianceis a nonpartisan [501 (c)4] organization providing tools that enable citizens to exert greater control over their government. The Health Care Compact was developed to offer Americans more influence over decisions that govern health care. For more information, please visit