Granite State Patriot Liberty PAC - Congresswoman Michele Bachmann event sold out at Turbocam

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke to a sold out crowd of approximately 200 eager liberty group members and Republicans this past Saturday at Turbocam International in Barrington. The turbine company’s cafeteria was converted to accommodate press and attendees from all over New Hampshire. Colonel “Mac” McLean, a Marine Corps fighter pilot in WWII and North Korea was in the front of the room to hear the Congresswoman speak on issues ranging from fiscal responsibility to states’ rights and the U.S. Constitution.

The event’s organizer and main sponsor was the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC, formerly devoted to GOP Chairman Jack Kimball’s gubernatorial campaign. The GSPL PAC’s new Chairman, Jerry DeLemus, has reorganized the PAC and changed its focus to be an umbrella organization for the State’s liberty groups. DeLemus commented on the event’s success. “This was a great moment for the liberty movement in New Hampshire and for our PAC” he said. “Not only did we sell out our first event, but we had an inspirational speaker in Congresswoman Bachmann. She inspired us to continue the fight for freedom, liberty, and defending the Constitution. Regardless of their political beliefs, Republican, Libertarian, TEA Party or moderate, we were all patriots.”

Several representatives of local, national, and Minnesota press were there as well to track the Congresswoman’s first weekend visit to New Hampshire of the campaign cycle. Representatives of NBC, Politico, Minnesota Public Radio, The Union Leader and several others gathered early to setup their shots and interviews.

After speaking for roughly a half hour at Turbocam, the Congresswoman fielded questions from the audience. She then headed over to Calef’s Country Store in Barrington, a staple for presidential hopefuls coming through Strafford County. This was the first event of 2012 campaign cycle for the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC, and was by all measures successful.

Mr. DeLemus added the following statement on behalf of the PAC: “I wish to thank our gracious host, Turbocam and its President, Marian Noronha, his Executive Assistant Gail Martel, as well as all of the great Turbocam employees and the Barrington Police Department for their detail.”

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