Blue Collar Muse - Details on Today's Call with Senator Corker

Bob Corker on the Commitment to American Prosperity Act of 2011

Join us Tuesday night, March 15, 2011, from 6:30-7:30PM Eastern/3:30-4:30PM Pacific, for a conference call with TN GOP Senator Bob Corker. Senator Corker will be engaging Grassroots activists directly about his bill, The Commitment to American Prosperity Act of 2011 (CAP).

While other plans to bring America's fiscal and budgetary house under control focus on cutting or eliminating specific programs, CAP proposes the more flexible notion of limiting the amount of allowable federal spending to 20.6% of GDP. We currently spend at a rate of about 23.8% of GDP. CAP gradually reduces spending over a 10 year period to get to the 20.6% mark.

Senator Corker has garnered a fair amount of support in the Senate with bi-partisan support among co-sponsors. You are invited to listen in and engage the Senator on the matter to find out how CAP works and what it means for you and for the country.

There are a couple of options to participate on the call:

A) Call 1-724-444-7444 and enter the Call ID 95920#. This will log you into the call and allow you to both speak and hear. This is a great option if you are unable to be at your computer or laptop for the call; while driving home from work, for example,

B) If you are at your computer and have a TalkShoe account, you can log in there and listen in on the call AND take part in the chat room during the call. This is a great way to participate if you just want to listen in and follow what others are saying. If you don't have a TalkShoe account, you can get one here.

C) The best option is to do both A and B. You get to hear and speak to the Guest and your fellow callers as well as participate in Chat. Just remember to mute your computer speakers so as not to create feedback on the call or get your event in stereo.

Senator Corker will briefly share with us the details on the bill. After that, he and I will spend a few minutes in a traditional Q&A session and after that, the call will be opened up for your questions. Finally, to ensure that you get notices of these calls in the future, please subscribe to the Grassroots Leadership List. Thanks ...

The call will be recorded and archived for later download or listening. The Senator will be on the record for the call.

Looking forward to having you as a part of the call!

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