CEI Daily - Green Appliances, Fast Food, and the CEI Podcast


Green Appliances


San Francisco spent $14 million on bleach to clean up a mess caused by environmentally-friendly toilets.


Policy Analyst Brian McGraw notes that cleanups like these defeat the purpose of "green" appliances.


"Less water per flush means less water pushing sludge along through sewers. Now California has spent $14 million (aside from $100 million in previous attempts to deal with this problem) on bleach that will eventually flow into the San Francisco bay. That doesn’t sound very environmentally friendly."



Fast Food


Subway now has more restaurants worldwide than McDonald's.


Warren Brookes Fellow Kat Ciano notes that the success of Subway is largely due to Subway's ordering system, which allows customers to design their own sandwiches and which displays the nutritional information of ingredients.

"In this new era of FLOTUS-ruled health mandates, let’s see whether it’s demand-centered business or government-mandated health requirements that controls growth for the next decade."



CEI Podcast


In the most recent CEI Podcast, Policy Analyst Ryan Radia talks about privacy concerns in the electronic age.


Listen here.