AFP - Tell the Senate to stop the EPA global warming power grab!

Senator Mitch McConnell, along with 43 co-sponsors (including Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia), is forcing a vote on S. 482 (the Energy Tax Hike Prevention Act) as an amendment to the Small Business Innovation Research Act re-authorization bill. The vote could come as soon as today but it will probably come some time this week.

Unelected regulators are usurping the legislative power that the people, in the Constitution, granted to Congress. We must demand our senators step in and stop this regulatory tyranny.

President Obama is now pursuing his entire failed global warming agenda – decisively rejected as the cap-and-tax energy tax and in the 2010 election. In Obama’s words: “Cap-and-Trade was just one way of skinning the cat; it was not the only way.”

Indeed, the EPA is actively pursuing a bizarre legal theory that the 1970 Clean Air Act was designed as a global warming law, and that pursuant to it they can regulate just about everything that moves, as well as most industrial facilities. When it’s fully phased in, their plans include over 18,000 pages of appendices that would regulate every industry in the U.S., cause electricity prices to skyrocket, and greatly diminish our freedom and prosperity.

Please call your senators NOW and tell them to vote YES on the McConnell Amendment to stop the EPA's global warming power grab.

Your senator and their phone number is: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen
Phone: (202) 224-2841

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This is one of the first big Senate opportunities to stopping Obama's outrageous regulatory agenda (see for more). Please take action and pass this important message along.