CEI Daily - Biofuels, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and the Human Achievement of the Day




Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and Tim Johnson (D-S.D.) have introduced legislation to boost the biofuel industry.


Policy Analyst Brian McGraw explains what the legislation would do.


"[The legislation] would allow the corn ethanol industry access to a much larger share of the Renewable Fuel Standard, which is scheduled to increase from 9 billion gallons to 32 billion gallons by 2022. [It] will drive up the cost of vehicle production. It will conflict with efficiency mandates as automobile manufacturer’s get a credit for CAFE standards when they produce E85. It will also ensure that E85 sticks around for much longer, and not allow the market to effectively test new modes of automobile transportation."



Jesse Jackson, Jr.


Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. proposed constitutional amendments to endow Americans with the right to health care, shelter, and education.


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young points out how absurd Jackson's argument is.


"If ending poverty really is as simple as passing a few laws, then Jackson isn’t going nearly far enough. If we want a truly prosperous nation, then the Constitution should guarantee everyone not just a decent home, but a mansion filled with servants to take care of every need."



Human Achievement of the Day


As CEI counts down the days to our Human Achievement Hour, we celebrate the new discoveries and improvements to technology that are being announced every day.


Policy Analyst Michelle Minton looks at a device created by researchers at Wake Forest who have created a device that sprays on a layer of skin cells to heal burns and wounds.


"While the technology is really just in its infancy, this gives us every reason to hope that significant improvements in medical technology are right around the corner."