NHDP - O'Brien, House Republicans Need to Apologize for Continued Eugenics Comments

Republican House Members Continue Making Light of Eugenics


CONCORD - Today, ANOTHER House Republican made inappropriate comments about eugenics, the mass extermination of specific population groups.   The comments followed remarks made by Rep. Marty Harty's of Barrington that "defective people" should be sent to Siberia to "freeze to death."


Republican House Speaker Bill O'Brien refused to publicly refused to denounce the comments, and excused Rep. Harty's remarks because of his age. (Nashua Telegraph, 3/11/2011)  Yesterday, O'Brien continued to show reckless disregard for the offensive nature of the comments.  O'Brien joked that Rep. Harty should write a "Eugenics for Dummies" book, during prepared remarks at a fundraiser for Dartmouth's Children's Hospital attended by Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum. (WMUR Political Scoop)


House Republicans continued making degrading comments in the State House Chamber this morning.  During debate on a parental notification bill, Rep. Warren Groen of Rochester, said the health services offered by Planned Parenthood "were about eugenics." (House Session, 3/16/2011)


"Instead of standing up to protect New Hampshire citizens, New Hampshire House Republicans are attacking New Hampshire's most vulnerable," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Eugenics' ideals are sick, twisted, and disgusting.  Speaker O'Brien should have been immediately denounced them last week, not treated them as a joke as he did yesterday."


"Speaker O'Brien should apologize to all the New Hampshire families hurt by his comments, and hurt by the comments made by his party's elected officials," continued Kirstein. 


Local newspapers reported Rep. Harty's comments late last week.  "The world population has gotten too big and the world is being inherited by too many defective people...I mean all the defective people, the drugaddicts, mentally ill, the retarded - all of them....I believe if we had a Siberia we should send them to this and they would all freeze and die and we will be rid of them," he told the reporter. (Fosters, 3/11/2011)