US Rep. Bass Supports Measure to Fund Government for Three Weeks, Encourages Longer-Term Solution

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) supported legislation in the House of Representatives today that would fund the federal government for three weeks while also cutting $6 billion in federal spending.  The current funding measure expires on Friday.

Bass said:

“While not an ideal solution, the House has once again passed another short-term solution to fund the federal government and prevent a shutdown while also continuing our commitment to reducing spending. 

“We all know that passing spending resolutions every few weeks is no way to run the federal government.  We’ve inherited this fiscal mess because the Democratic-led Congress failed to pass a budget or any of the appropriations bills last year.  But we’ve got to come to an agreement to make it through the rest of this fiscal year so we can get down to business and work on setting our priorities for next year’s budget, including entitlement reform.” 

The measure now awaits action in the Senate.