NH House Republicans Reach Out To Former Budget Veterans

Concord—Two veterans of the state budget wars have volunteered to help House Republicans in finding a resolution to New Hampshire’s nearly $1B budget crisis.  Donald Hill, who served as the Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services for 12 years prior to his retirement in 2008, and G. Philip Blatsos, who headed up the Department of Revenue Administration for the last five years of his 30 year state government career, have each offered to lend their knowledge and expertise in fiscal matters to the House Finance Committee.

“We have promised the people of New Hampshire that we would balance the budget without new taxes, additional downshifting, or by bonding our children’s future.  We know that Don Hill and Phil Blatsos can help us attain that goal,” said House Majority Leader D.J. Bettencourt (R-Salem).

Bettencourt welcomed the offer while praising the two former commissioners for their willingness to come out of retirement and volunteer their time to help work on the budget.  “As a former commissioner of the department that provides fiscal, budgetary and administrative assistance to our agencies, Don Hill will bring a tremendous amount of knowledge to the budgetary process,” said Bettencourt.  “Phil Blatsos was instrumental in championing legislation that helped to close tax loopholes in key areas and tripled actual dollars received through audit and compliance, reducing the need for new state taxes.”

Both Hill and Blatsos will work closely with House Finance Chair Ken Weyler (Kingston) and House Republican budget team over the next few weeks in reaching a balanced budget.