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NHBS Provides A Nursing Home Large Print Bibles


Cheryl Bonner is the director of social services at St. Francis Healthcare Center, a rehabilitation and long term care facility in Laconia, New Hampshire.  She wanted to start a Bible study for the residents and needed Large Print Bibles.  She called NHBS and we sent her a grant form so that she could get these Bibles at no cost. 


The response to her Bible study was overwhelming.  She originally requested 10 Bibles but found that the need exceeded her expectations.  Cheryl states, "Our group initially was to be only ten of our residents but the interest was great enough that we are going to offer the Bible study to a second group of ten residents.  By having these large print Bibles, our residents can easily follow along with the readings targeted for each group session."


Are you a chaplain, social worker or volunteer at a long term care facility whose residents are interested in having a Bible study?  You can apply for a grant with NHBS and receive free large print Bibles to distribute to your participants.  Click here for more information and to download a grant form.


Grants for Summer Camps


Grants are available for Summer Camps to receive Bibles at little to no cost through the generous support of our donors.  Click here to learn more about our program and to download a grant application. 


FREE Bibles for the First 10 NH Summer Camps Who Respond to This Email!!!!!!


If you have counselors-in-training, visiting clergy or lay leaders who do Bible Study or prayer services, this is for you.  This collection can reside in your camp library or office and assist them in the latest and best ways to think like a child of 6 to 16.


Reply to this email and we will send a grant application for the following:


One NIV Learning Bible

One CEV Essential Study Bible 

One CEV Poverty and Justice Bible

One Amazing Bible Fact Book for Kids 


This collection worth $144.00 is yours for the asking. Just send an email to: and we will send you a grant application.  Quantities are limited and given on a first come first served basis.


Do some campers come with no Bible in their home? Does the camp need Bibles for campers to use while present? We have a variety of low cost Bibles for summer camp programs including Bible stories for young children and study Bibles for young adults.  If you are interested, please send us an email at and we will be happy to send catalog information. 


Grants for Homeless Shelters


Shelter directors, chaplains and church volunteers, if you are interested distributing Bibles to your shelter residents, you can apply for a grant to receive Bibles free from the NH Bible Society.  For more information and to download a grant application check out our website here


FREE Children's Bibles for the Homeless Shelters.


read and learn

Through the generous support of the American Bible Society we have received the following children's Bibles for distribution to homeless shelters.


Read and Learn Bible

Read and Learn Bible - Spanish


 Quantities of these Bibles are limited so contact us soon!


We have a variety of low cost Bibles for sale including Bibles for adults, Bibles in many  world languages and addiction recovery Bibles.  If you are interested, please send us an email at and we will be happy to send catalog information. 


The End of Sunday School is Nearer Than You Think 


If your church is wants to give Bibles to your children to celebrate the end of the Sunday school season, please order your Bibles now.  It takes up to 2 to 3 weeks for Bible orders to be processed, 4 to 6 weeks if you would like the Bibles to be inscribed with the child's name.  If you are interested, just stop by our office or call Jean at 603-224-1352.  Please note that we keep a limited number of Bibles in stock so you will need to order Bibles ahead of time.


Free Bibles for Mental Health Facilities


Through the block grant program of the American Bible Society, we are offering free Bibles to mental health facilities and hospital psychiatric units to distribute to patients upon request.  


The first ten facilities to respond to this email will receive the following Bibles FOR FREE:


One Giant Print Contemporary English Version Bible

Six Regular Print New King James Version Bibles

Three Spanish Version Reina Valera New Testaments


We have many versions of the Bible to choose from including Bibles in world languages, Study Bibles, Adddiction Recovery Bibles, Women's/Men/s Bibles and Children's Bibles.  Church volunteers, hospital chaplains and clergy interested in attaining Bibles from this program, please email us at and we will send you more information and a grant application.


Pew Bibles


Does your church need pew Bibles? We can help!  Just tell us what translations you are interested in and we will send your church up to four different pew Bibles from our stock for your review.  When you have picked a Bible we will order it for you at a discounted price.  Grants are also available to help defray cost.


If you are interested in previewing our pew Bibles, give us a call or email us at


Volunteers Needed to Distribute Gently Used Bibles


The Bible Society often gets donations of gently used Bibles that need to be distributed to local thrift stores.  If you know of a Good Will or Salvation Army Stores near you? Their clients could obtain these Bibles easily while shopping.  

If you have an hour a month to be a Bible sharer, please email us at: for more information regarding this initiative.  

Gospel of John Available at NHBS in Quantity for Free

As part of its national scripture campaign to serve churches with Bible resources, the American Bible Society (ABS) has partnered with the NH Bible Society to distribute the Gospel of John in the Good News translation in quantity to churches and ministries at no cost. 

This portion of the Bible is the most frequently used outreach tool to the unchurched among us. If your church or ministry would like to obtain these scripture portions, please give us a call at 224-1352. The NHBS will be happy to fulfill your need. 


Contact Information

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Concord, NH 033025-1087