- Odell: "Phone bombs are not the New Hampshire democratic way"

In his March 20, 2011 column on, Senator Odell writes...

"Washington based American Tradition Partnership group telephoned 4,000 households in Senate district 8 last Monday." " looks like operatives of big money interests are trying to move one State Senator in their direction..." "...they need to show up in person so we can have a real conversation. That’s the democratic way. "Phone bombs" are not the New Hampshire democratic way."
"Money for highways is scarce. The gas tax we pay at the pump has not been increased since 1991." "Stimulus money from Washington helped us complete many projects over the past two years but that revenue stream has ended." "...proceeds from the unpopular registration surcharge have only been partially used for road projects." "The surcharge will end on June 30 unless the legislature reinstates it in the upcoming budget."

"... a reminder of my meeting Tuesday night, March 22, with state AFL-CIO leaders and local union members. The meeting will begin at 7 pm at the Earl M Bourdon Centre at 67 Maple Avenue in Claremont."