CEI Daily - College Education, Sunday Sales, and Greenhouse Gasses

College Education


Obama says the best economic policy is one that produces more college graduates.


Senior Counsel Hans Bader asks whether such a policy helps anyone but the colleges themselves.


"Students have little choice but to pay inflated tuition bills to the education industrial-complex, as they vie with each other for scarce entry-level jobs by acquiring ever more degrees that show their ability to jump through hoops and master difficult (but largely useless) skills."




Sunday Sales


Connecticut's General Law Committee killed a bill that would've allowed liquor stores to remain open on Sundays.


"[The committee] killed the measure Tuesday despite the fact that voters support 66 percent to 31 percent allowing liquor stores to open on Sunday (according to a recent Quinnipiac poll)."


Greenhouse Gasses


The EPA claims that regulating greenhouse gasses will boost the economy in the long run.


A new study by CEI Adjunct Scholar Garrett Vaughn argues otherwise.


"The EPA is now trying to dress up the even more expensive alternative of direct regulation with the same inflated net benefit estimates prepared for true [Clean Air Act] pollutants such as particulate matter and nitrous oxides. Congress and the administration understand well that EPA regulations actually impose costs far in excess of benefits, the EPA’s official claims to the contrary notwithstanding."